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Web UI Survey 2008-11-03

Hi everyone,

currently we are evaluating possible future changes in MediaTombs Web UI. One major question is, if we should change the way of browsing the database and the filesystem.

We would like to know your opinion!

Please participate in this survey!

Thanks for your feedback :)

On The Way To 0.12 2008-09-27

I’m back from holidays, time to look at the current status.

As always we made the mistake of starting to work on too many features at once, finishing one new feature and releasing just does not seem to work :) This is the reason for the long delay of 0.12, however we are confident that we can release it this year.

So what can you expect?

We fixed a number of various bugs, added generation of video thumbnails using the ffmpegthumbnailer library (tested on the DSM-510 and PS3), added libmp4v2 support for extracting metadata from mp4 files, improved the import speed (don’t expect too much, but it should be noticeable), added options to allow playback of PCM streams in combination with transcoding (this enables transcoding of OGG and FLAC media for the PS3), implemented support for the YouTube serivice, allowing to use the UPnP player to watch YouTube content (in combination with transcoding), added a feature for parsing DVD images with the help of libdvdread (this allows to select playback by title/chapter/language/audio format, depending on the DVD). We can’t promise that we will finish SopCast support for 0.12 and there’s also has been work on supporting the Weborama service.

Now we just have to put together the missing bits and pieces and finish the parts that are not yet ready.

We’ll try to hurry :)

Holidays 2008-07-28

Hi everyone, I’m currently on holidays without a permanent internet access. This means that I will not be able to answer questions in the forums and give support.

I’ll be back in about a month :>

WL500g Static Package Fixed 2008-07-04

We had reports about problems with our static package for the WL500g, something was going wrong, as the result the server was eating up about 90% CPU time, same problem was also visible on the Linksys WRT350N

Thanks to npmccallum who helped us debugging, we were able to investigate and fix this problem.

We received further success reports, the static packages were tested on the Buffalo LinkStation Live, Conceptronic CH3WNAS, Emtec Movie Cube R500, AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 and Thecus N4100Plus.

What about 0.12? We’re trying :>

First Static Packages Released 2008-04-29

Some time ago we started to work on static MediaTomb packages for various NAS devices, now we have the first results.

Thanks to everyone who responded and helped testing!

So far we have working and tested packages for the Maxtor MSS-I, Asus WL500g, Promise NS4300N, Encore ENNHD-1GS and the Raidsonic IB-NAS4200-B. The packages should also run on other devices – just check the architecture. We have a MIPS-II little endian (mips2el), a MIPS32 little endian (mips32el),an ARM 9 little endian (armv4), OABI and a PPC (ppce300c2) versions.

Tests for more architectures continue, so the list is likely to increase.

You will find the new packages in the download section.

Wiki For FAQ/Scripting/Transcoding 2008-04-21

After numerous requests we added a Wiki to our site. Currently we have three topics that can be edited by users: FAQ, Scripting and Transcoding

That means that from now on you can share your favorite transcoding and import scripts and you can also help us to fill the FAQ.

Some news on the static packages: I received a few responses and we successfully tested the statically linked version of MediaTomb on the MSS-I, WL500g and the NS4300N. We will release these packages soon.

Need Testers For Static Packages! 2008-04-16

Seeing that more and more NAS devices are coming out, we thought that it may be a good idea to offer users another option to easily install and run MediaTomb. Although there are nice things like Optware and other community firmware projects, some users may simply not want to completely replace the original firmware on their units.

The easiest solution for this case is to offer statically linked binary packages. They do not have any additional dependencies, all required libraries are already linked in, so one will only have to pick the correct package for the given architecture and that’s it. Since the packages are completely independent from the rest of the system they should run on existing vendor firmware without much trouble.

However – we need your help. We can offer cross compiled packages for various architectures, but we usually do not have the hardware to test if they are actually working. That’s why we are looking for volunteers who are willing to test these packages – once we get a confirmation that everything works as expected we will make the package available for public download.

If you have a NAS with shell access and would like to help – please contact us!

I started a thread in the forums about this, don’t hesitate to post in case of questions.

Gentoo Ebuild And Some Info For PS3 Users 2008-04-14

Let’s start with some good news, an ebuild for MediaTomb is now available in Gentoo. Thanks to BT for helping out with this! Currently it’s only there for amd64, users will have to request it for other architectures.

Now to some bad news, here’s an interesting post regarding the 2.20 PS3 firmware. It seems like we can not do anything but wait for Sony to fix it.

Last but not least a word on the next release – of course we’re not saying when it will be done, but there are some things about 0.12 that we can reveal.

Support for mp4 metadata is already implemented in SVN, it uses the libmp4v2 library which is able to extract various tags from mp4 files, cover art is also working.

There will also be some performance improvements in terms of import speed, but there are no numbers/measurements yet.

As always – stay tuned!

No Transcoding With PS3 2.20 Firmware 2008-03-28

Bad news for all PS3 users who upgraded to the 2.20 firmware. First reports indicate that transcoding no longer works after the upgrade.

Do not upgrade to the 2.20 firmware if you want to use transcoding!

We will have to investigate if workarounds are possible, but I doubt that there is anything we could do there. Actually it’s getting pretty ridiculous, we added quite a lot of stuff to support the PS3, but there is no end to it – each new firmware upgrade introduces new difficulties, things that work flawlessly with cheap 70EUR players fail on the PS3. What should I say?

I can only suggest that PS3 users call Sony support and complain about the problems. And while you are at it – don’t forget to tell them that playback of online MP3 streams also still does not work. Who knows, maybe if enough people complain they might finally listen.

Still, there are also some good news: we finally made it into Gentoo, I will soon post an update on that in the download section.

Binary Packages Are On The Way 2008-03-10

More and more binary packages of the new release are becoming available, Fedora, Mandriva, FreeBSD, Optware, Fink and Debian “sid” have already been updated. Ubuntu and Debian stable packages are still handled by our apt repository – “gutsy”, “feisty” and “etch” packages are now also up to date.

There were some improvements regarding the Optware packages, an init script and daemon configuration files are now included. You will find more information on the Optware package related changes in our download section.

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