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Back on track... 2009-12-23

Finally we found time for a coding session and had a look at what’s going on.

As already mentioned, our goal is to release 0.12 as soon as possible and leave all unfinished features for 0.13. We hope that we can get the new version out in January.

Some of you may have noticed movement in the bug tracker, a few words on how we deal with it:
we have already fixed some issues, but there are still a few left. We will release once all open bugs with a priority >= 6 are fixed or turn out to be invalid. You can see that the resolution status of those bugs is set to “Accepted”, which means that we are looking at them. Once a bug is fixed we will give it a priority of 1 and set the resolution to “Fixed”, however the bug will stay open and get closed only after the new version has been released.

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