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On The Way To 0.12 2008-09-27

I’m back from holidays, time to look at the current status.

As always we made the mistake of starting to work on too many features at once, finishing one new feature and releasing just does not seem to work :) This is the reason for the long delay of 0.12, however we are confident that we can release it this year.

So what can you expect?

We fixed a number of various bugs, added generation of video thumbnails using the ffmpegthumbnailer library (tested on the DSM-510 and PS3), added libmp4v2 support for extracting metadata from mp4 files, improved the import speed (don’t expect too much, but it should be noticeable), added options to allow playback of PCM streams in combination with transcoding (this enables transcoding of OGG and FLAC media for the PS3), implemented support for the YouTube serivice, allowing to use the UPnP player to watch YouTube content (in combination with transcoding), added a feature for parsing DVD images with the help of libdvdread (this allows to select playback by title/chapter/language/audio format, depending on the DVD). We can’t promise that we will finish SopCast support for 0.12 and there’s also has been work on supporting the Weborama service.

Now we just have to put together the missing bits and pieces and finish the parts that are not yet ready.

We’ll try to hurry :)

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