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First Static Packages Released 2008-04-29

Some time ago we started to work on static MediaTomb packages for various NAS devices, now we have the first results.

Thanks to everyone who responded and helped testing!

So far we have working and tested packages for the Maxtor MSS-I, Asus WL500g, Promise NS4300N, Encore ENNHD-1GS and the Raidsonic IB-NAS4200-B. The packages should also run on other devices – just check the architecture. We have a MIPS-II little endian (mips2el), a MIPS32 little endian (mips32el),an ARM 9 little endian (armv4), OABI and a PPC (ppce300c2) versions.

Tests for more architectures continue, so the list is likely to increase.

You will find the new packages in the download section.

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