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Need Testers For Static Packages! 2008-04-16

Seeing that more and more NAS devices are coming out, we thought that it may be a good idea to offer users another option to easily install and run MediaTomb. Although there are nice things like Optware and other community firmware projects, some users may simply not want to completely replace the original firmware on their units.

The easiest solution for this case is to offer statically linked binary packages. They do not have any additional dependencies, all required libraries are already linked in, so one will only have to pick the correct package for the given architecture and that’s it. Since the packages are completely independent from the rest of the system they should run on existing vendor firmware without much trouble.

However – we need your help. We can offer cross compiled packages for various architectures, but we usually do not have the hardware to test if they are actually working. That’s why we are looking for volunteers who are willing to test these packages – once we get a confirmation that everything works as expected we will make the package available for public download.

If you have a NAS with shell access and would like to help – please contact us!

I started a thread in the forums about this, don’t hesitate to post in case of questions.

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