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Gentoo Ebuild And Some Info For PS3 Users 2008-04-14

Let’s start with some good news, an ebuild for MediaTomb is now available in Gentoo. Thanks to BT for helping out with this! Currently it’s only there for amd64, users will have to request it for other architectures.

Now to some bad news, here’s an interesting post regarding the 2.20 PS3 firmware. It seems like we can not do anything but wait for Sony to fix it.

Last but not least a word on the next release – of course we’re not saying when it will be done, but there are some things about 0.12 that we can reveal.

Support for mp4 metadata is already implemented in SVN, it uses the libmp4v2 library which is able to extract various tags from mp4 files, cover art is also working.

There will also be some performance improvements in terms of import speed, but there are no numbers/measurements yet.

As always – stay tuned!

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