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No Transcoding With PS3 2.20 Firmware 2008-03-28

Bad news for all PS3 users who upgraded to the 2.20 firmware. First reports indicate that transcoding no longer works after the upgrade.

Do not upgrade to the 2.20 firmware if you want to use transcoding!

We will have to investigate if workarounds are possible, but I doubt that there is anything we could do there. Actually it’s getting pretty ridiculous, we added quite a lot of stuff to support the PS3, but there is no end to it – each new firmware upgrade introduces new difficulties, things that work flawlessly with cheap 70EUR players fail on the PS3. What should I say?

I can only suggest that PS3 users call Sony support and complain about the problems. And while you are at it – don’t forget to tell them that playback of online MP3 streams also still does not work. Who knows, maybe if enough people complain they might finally listen.

Still, there are also some good news: we finally made it into Gentoo, I will soon post an update on that in the download section.

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