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int register_web_callbacks ()
 Registers callback functions for the internal web server.

Detailed Description

Definition in file web_callbacks.h.

Function Documentation

int register_web_callbacks (  ) 

Registers callback functions for the internal web server.

This function registers callbacks for the internal web server. The callback functions are: web_get_info Query information on a file. web_open Open a file. web_read Sequentially read from a file. web_write Sequentially write to a file (not supported). web_seek Perform a seek on a file. web_close Close file.

UPNP_E_SUCCESS Callbacks registered successfully, else eror code.

Definition at line 327 of file web_callbacks.cc.

References UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::close, UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::get_info, UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::open, UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::read, UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::seek, UPNP_E_SUCCESS, UpnpSetVirtualDirCallbacks(), web_close(), web_get_info(), web_open(), web_read(), web_seek(), web_write(), and UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks::write.

Referenced by Server::upnp_init().

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