util.h File Reference

#include "upnp.h"

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#define DBG(x)   x
#define GEMD_OUT_OF_MEMORY   -1
#define EVENT_TIMEDOUT   -2
#define EVENT_TERMINATE   -3
#define max(a, b)   (((a)>(b))? (a):(b))
#define min(a, b)   (((a)<(b))? (a):(b))
#define XINLINE   inline


typedef char xboolean


void log_error (IN const char *fmt,...)
void linecopy (OUT char dest[LINE_SIZE], IN const char *src)
void namecopy (OUT char dest[NAME_SIZE], IN const char *src)
void linecopylen (OUT char dest[LINE_SIZE], IN const char *src, IN size_t srclen)

Define Documentation

#define DBG (  )     x

Definition at line 53 of file util.h.

#define EVENT_TERMINATE   -3

Definition at line 58 of file util.h.

#define EVENT_TIMEDOUT   -2

Definition at line 57 of file util.h.

#define GEMD_OUT_OF_MEMORY   -1

Definition at line 56 of file util.h.

#define max ( a,
 )     (((a)>(b))? (a):(b))

Definition at line 62 of file util.h.

Referenced by zmm::BaseArray< int >::remove(), and zmm::ArrayBase::remove().

#define min ( a,
 )     (((a)<(b))? (a):(b))

Definition at line 63 of file util.h.

#define XINLINE   inline

Definition at line 150 of file util.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef char xboolean

Definition at line 68 of file util.h.

Function Documentation

void linecopy ( OUT char  dest[LINE_SIZE],
IN const char *  src 
void linecopylen ( OUT char  dest[LINE_SIZE],
IN const char *  src,
IN size_t  srclen 
void log_error ( IN const char *  fmt,
void namecopy ( OUT char  dest[NAME_SIZE],
IN const char *  src 

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