Upnp_Discovery Struct Reference

#include <upnp.h>

Data Fields

int ErrCode
int Expires
char DeviceId [LINE_SIZE]
char DeviceType [LINE_SIZE]
char ServiceType [LINE_SIZE]
char ServiceVer [LINE_SIZE]
char Location [LINE_SIZE]
char Os [LINE_SIZE]
char Date [LINE_SIZE]
char Ext [LINE_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Returned in a { UPNP_DISCOVERY_RESULT} callback.

Definition at line 816 of file upnp.h.

Field Documentation

char Upnp_Discovery::Date[LINE_SIZE]

Date when the response was generated.

Definition at line 844 of file upnp.h.

The host address of the device responding to the search.

Definition at line 850 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::DeviceId[LINE_SIZE]

The unique device identifier.

Definition at line 826 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::DeviceType[LINE_SIZE]

The device type.

Definition at line 829 of file upnp.h.

The result code of the { UpnpSearchAsync} call.

Definition at line 820 of file upnp.h.

The expiration time of the advertisement.

Definition at line 823 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::Ext[LINE_SIZE]

Confirmation that the MAN header was understood by the device.

Definition at line 847 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::Location[LINE_SIZE]

The URL to the UPnP description document for the device.

Definition at line 838 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::Os[LINE_SIZE]

The operating system the device is running.

Definition at line 841 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::ServiceType[LINE_SIZE]

The service type.

Definition at line 832 of file upnp.h.

char Upnp_Discovery::ServiceVer[LINE_SIZE]

The service version.

Definition at line 835 of file upnp.h.

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