soaplib.h File Reference

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void soap_device_callback (IN http_parser_t *parser, IN http_message_t *request, INOUT SOCKINFO *info)
int SoapSendAction (IN char *action_url, IN char *service_type, IN IXML_Document *action_node, OUT IXML_Document **response_node)
int SoapSendActionEx (IN char *ActionURL, IN char *ServiceType, IN IXML_Document *Header, IN IXML_Document *ActNode, OUT IXML_Document **RespNode)
int SoapGetServiceVarStatus (IN char *ActionURL, IN DOMString VarName, OUT DOMString *StVar)


const char * ContentTypeHeader

Function Documentation

void soap_device_callback ( IN http_parser_t parser,
IN http_message_t request,
int SoapGetServiceVarStatus ( IN char *  ActionURL,
IN DOMString  VarName,
OUT DOMString *  StVar 
int SoapSendAction ( IN char *  action_url,
IN char *  service_type,
IN IXML_Document action_node,
OUT IXML_Document **  response_node 
int SoapSendActionEx ( IN char *  ActionURL,
IN char *  ServiceType,
IN IXML_Document Header,
IN IXML_Document ActNode,
OUT IXML_Document **  RespNode 

Variable Documentation

const char* ContentTypeHeader

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