miniserver.h File Reference

#include "sock.h"
#include "httpparser.h"

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Data Structures

struct  MServerSockArray


typedef struct MServerSockArray MiniServerSockArray
typedef void(* MiniServerCallback )(IN http_parser_t *parser, IN http_message_t *request, IN SOCKINFO *info)


void SetHTTPGetCallback (MiniServerCallback callback)
void SetSoapCallback (MiniServerCallback callback)
void SetGenaCallback (MiniServerCallback callback)
int StartMiniServer (unsigned short listen_port)
int StopMiniServer (void)


SOCKET gMiniServerStopSock

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* MiniServerCallback)(IN http_parser_t *parser, IN http_message_t *request, IN SOCKINFO *info)

Definition at line 57 of file miniserver.h.

Function Documentation

void SetGenaCallback ( MiniServerCallback  callback  ) 
void SetHTTPGetCallback ( MiniServerCallback  callback  ) 
void SetSoapCallback ( MiniServerCallback  callback  ) 
int StartMiniServer ( unsigned short  listen_port  ) 
int StopMiniServer ( void   ) 

Variable Documentation

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