ixmlparser.h File Reference

#include "ixml.h"
#include "ixmlmembuf.h"

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Data Structures

struct  _IXML_NamespaceURI
struct  _IXML_ElementStack
struct  _Parser


#define QUOT   """
#define LT   "<"
#define GT   ">"
#define APOS   "'"
#define AMP   "&"
#define ESC_HEX   "&#x"
#define ESC_DEC   "&#"


typedef struct _IXML_NamespaceURI IXML_NamespaceURI
typedef struct _IXML_ElementStack IXML_ElementStack
typedef struct _Parser Parser




int Parser_LoadDocument (IXML_Document **retDoc, const char *xmlFile, BOOL file)
BOOL Parser_isValidXmlName (const DOMString name)
int Parser_setNodePrefixAndLocalName (IXML_Node *newIXML_NodeIXML_Attr)
void Parser_freeNodeContent (IXML_Node *IXML_Nodeptr)
void Parser_setErrorChar (char c)
void ixmlAttr_free (IXML_Attr *attrNode)
void ixmlAttr_init (IXML_Attr *attrNode)
int ixmlElement_setTagName (IXML_Element *element, const char *tagName)
void ixmlNamedNodeMap_init (IXML_NamedNodeMap *nnMap)
int ixmlNamedNodeMap_addToNamedNodeMap (IXML_NamedNodeMap **nnMap, IXML_Node *add)
void ixmlNode_init (IXML_Node *IXML_Nodeptr)
BOOL ixmlNode_compare (IXML_Node *srcIXML_Node, IXML_Node *destIXML_Node)
void ixmlNode_getElementsByTagName (IXML_Node *n, const char *tagname, IXML_NodeList **list)
void ixmlNode_getElementsByTagNameNS (IXML_Node *IXML_Node, const char *namespaceURI, const char *localName, IXML_NodeList **list)
int ixmlNode_setNodeProperties (IXML_Node *node, IXML_Node *src)
int ixmlNode_setNodeName (IXML_Node *node, const DOMString qualifiedName)
void ixmlNodeList_init (IXML_NodeList *nList)
int ixmlNodeList_addToNodeList (IXML_NodeList **nList, IXML_Node *add)

Define Documentation

#define AMP   "&"

Definition at line 43 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define APOS   "'"

Definition at line 42 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define ESC_DEC   "&#"

Definition at line 45 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define ESC_HEX   "&#x"

Definition at line 44 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define GT   ">"

Definition at line 41 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define LT   "<"

Definition at line 40 of file ixmlparser.h.

#define QUOT   """

Definition at line 39 of file ixmlparser.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _Parser Parser

Definition at line 107 of file element.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 65 of file ixmlparser.h.

Function Documentation

void ixmlAttr_free ( IXML_Attr attrNode  ) 
void ixmlAttr_init ( IXML_Attr attrNode  ) 
int ixmlElement_setTagName ( IXML_Element element,
const char *  tagName 
int ixmlNamedNodeMap_addToNamedNodeMap ( IXML_NamedNodeMap **  nnMap,
IXML_Node add 
void ixmlNamedNodeMap_init ( IXML_NamedNodeMap nnMap  ) 
BOOL ixmlNode_compare ( IXML_Node srcIXML_Node,
IXML_Node destIXML_Node 
void ixmlNode_getElementsByTagName ( IXML_Node n,
const char *  tagname,
IXML_NodeList **  list 
void ixmlNode_getElementsByTagNameNS ( IXML_Node IXML_Node,
const char *  namespaceURI,
const char *  localName,
IXML_NodeList **  list 
void ixmlNode_init ( IXML_Node IXML_Nodeptr  ) 
int ixmlNode_setNodeName ( IXML_Node node,
const DOMString  qualifiedName 
int ixmlNode_setNodeProperties ( IXML_Node node,
IXML_Node src 
int ixmlNodeList_addToNodeList ( IXML_NodeList **  nList,
IXML_Node add 
void ixmlNodeList_init ( IXML_NodeList nList  ) 
void Parser_freeNodeContent ( IXML_Node IXML_Nodeptr  ) 
BOOL Parser_isValidXmlName ( const DOMString  name  ) 
int Parser_LoadDocument ( IXML_Document **  retDoc,
const char *  xmlFile,
BOOL  file 
void Parser_setErrorChar ( char  c  ) 
int Parser_setNodePrefixAndLocalName ( IXML_Node newIXML_NodeIXML_Attr  ) 

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