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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: [code] [code]
action_request.h [code]Definition of the ActionRequest class [code] [code] [code]
array.h [code]
atomic.h [code] [code]Implementation of the ATrailersContentHandler class
atrailers_content_handler.h [code]Definitions of the ATrailersContentHandler class [code]
atrailers_service.h [code]Definition of the ATrailersService class [code]
attribute.h [code] [code] [code]
autoscan.h [code]Definitions of the Autoscan classes [code]
autoscan_inotify.h [code]
base_array.h [code]
base_queue.h [code]
base_stack.h [code]
buffer.h [code] [code]
buffered_io_handler.h [code] [code]
cache_object.h [code] [code]
cached_url.h [code]Definition of the CachedURL class [code]
cds_objects.h [code]Definition for the CdsObject, CdsItem, CdsActiveItem and CdsContainer classes [code]
cds_resource.h [code] [code]
cds_resource_manager.h [code]Definition of the CdsResourceManager class
client_table.h [code] [code]
comment.h [code]
common.h [code]
config.h [code] [code]
config_manager.h [code]Definitions of the ConfigManager class
config_options.h [code]Definitions of the ConfigManager class [code] [code]
content_manager.h [code] [code]
context.h [code] [code]
curl_io_handler.h [code]
db_hash.h [code]
dbb_hash.h [code]
dbo_hash.h [code]
dbr_hash.h [code] [code]
destroyer.h [code] [code]
dictionary.h [code]Definiton of the DictionaryElement and Dictionary classes
direct_hash_base.h [code] [code] [code]
document.h [code]
dsb_hash.h [code]
dso_hash.h [code]
build/dummy.h [code]
tombupnp/build/dummy.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the DVDHandler class
dvd_handler.h [code]Definition of the DVD class [code]
dvd_image_import_script.h [code] [code]
dvd_io_handler.h [code] [code]
dvdnav_read.h [code]Definition of the FileIOHandler class [code] [code] [code]
element.h [code] [code]
exception.h [code] [code]
exceptions.h [code]
executor.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the Exiv2Handler class
exiv2_handler.h [code]Definition of the Exiv2Handler class [code]Implementeation of the ExtractorHandler class
extractor_handler.h [code]Definition of the ExtractorHandler class - getting metadata via libextractor [code]
fallback_layout.h [code] [code]
fd_io_handler.h [code]Definition of the FDIOHandler class [code]Implementeation of the FfmpegHandler class
ffmpeg_handler.h [code]Definition of the FfmpegHandler class - getting metadata via ffmpeg library calls [code]
file_io_handler.h [code]Definition of the FileIOHandler class [code]
file_request_handler.h [code]Definition of the FileRequestHandler class [code] [code]
filesystem.h [code]
FreeList.h [code]
gena.h [code]
gena_ctrlpt.h [code]
gena_device.h [code] [code]
generic_task.h [code]
global.h [code]
gmtdate.h [code]
hash.h [code]
http_client.h [code]
httpparser.h [code]
httpreadwrite.h [code]
iasnprintf.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the Id3Handler class
id3_handler.h [code]Definition of the Id3Handler class [code]
import_script.h [code]
inet_pton.h [code]
inotify-nosys.h [code] [code]
io_handler.h [code]Definitoin for the IOHandler class [code]
io_handler_buffer_helper.h [code] [code]
io_handler_chainer.h [code] [code]
ithread.h [code]
ixml.h [code]
ixmlmembuf.h [code]
ixmlparser.h [code] [code] [code]
js_functions.h [code]These functions can be called from scripts [code]
js_layout.h [code] [code]
lastfm_scrobbler.h [code] scrobbler
layout.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the LibExifHandler class
libexif_handler.h [code]Definition of the LibExifHandler class [code]Implementeation of the LibMP4V2Handler class
libmp4v2_handler.h [code]Definition of the LibMP4V2 class
LinkedList.h [code] [code]
logger.h [code] [code]
md5.h [code] [code]
mem_io_handler.h [code]Definition of the MemIOHandler class
membuffer.h [code] [code]
memory.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the MetadataHandler class
metadata_handler.h [code]Definition of the MetadataHandler class
miniserver.h [code]
mpeg_parse.h [code]
mpeg_remux.h [code]
mpegdemux.h [code]
mpegdemux_internal.h [code] [code]
mpegremux_processor.h [code] [code]
mt_inotify.h [code]
mxml.h [code]
mysql.sql.tmpl.h [code]
mysql_create_sql.h [code] [code]
mysql_storage.h [code]
netall.h [code] [code]
nil.h [code] [code]
node.h [code]
null.h [code] [code]
object.h [code]
object_dictionary.h [code]Definiton of the DictionaryElement and Dictionary classes
object_queue.h [code]
object_stack.h [code] [code]
online_service.h [code]Definition of the OnlineService class [code]Definition of the OnlineServiceHelper class
online_service_helper.h [code]Definition of the OnlineServiceHelper class [code]
pages.h [code]Defines the various WebRequestHandler subclasses which process requests coming to the ui [code]
parseexception.h [code]
parser.h [code] [code]
parsetools.h [code]
pgsql.sql.tmpl.h [code] [code]Definition of the PlayHook class
play_hook.h [code]Definition of the PlayHook class [code]
playlist_parser_script.h [code] [code]
process.h [code] [code]
process_executor.h [code] [code]
process_io_handler.h [code]Definition of the ProcessIOHandler class
reentrant_array.h [code]Definiton of the ReentrantArray class
ref.h [code] [code] [code]
request_handler.h [code]Definition of the RequestHandler class [code]
rexp.h [code] [code]
runtime.h [code] [code]
script.h [code] [code]
serve_request_handler.h [code]Definition of the ServeRequestHandler class [code]
src/server.h [code]
tombupnp/upnp/src/inc/server.h [code]
service_table.h [code] [code]
session_manager.h [code]Definitions of the Session and SessionManager classes [code]
singleton.h [code]
soaplib.h [code]
sock.h [code] [code]Implementation of the SopCastContentHandler class
sopcast_content_handler.h [code]Definitions of the SopCastContentHandler class [code]
sopcast_service.h [code]Definition of the SopCastService class [code]
sql_storage.h [code]
sqlite3.sql.tmpl.h [code]
sqlite3_create_sql.h [code] [code]
sqlite3_storage.h [code]Definitions of the Sqlite3Storage, Sqlite3Result, Sqlite3Row and SLTask classes
ssdplib.h [code]
statcodes.h [code]
statuscodes.h [code] [code]
storage.h [code] [code]
storage_cache.h [code] [code]
string_converter.h [code] [code]
stringbuffer.h [code] [code]
strings.h [code] [code]
stringtokenizer.h [code]
strintmap.h [code]
strtoofft.h [code] [code]
subscription_request.h [code]Definition of the SubscriptionRequest class [code]
sync.h [code]
sysdep.h [code] [code]Implementeation of the TagHandler class
taglib_handler.h [code]Definition of the TagHandler class [code] [code]
thread_executor.h [code]
ThreadPool.h [code] [code]
timer.h [code]
TimerThread.h [code] [code]
tools.h [code] [code]
transcode_dispatcher.h [code]Definition of the TranscodeRequest class [code]
transcode_ext_handler.h [code]Definition of the TranscodeRequest class
transcode_handler.h [code]Definition of the TranscodeRequest class [code]Definitions of the Transcoding classes
transcoding.h [code]Definitions of the Transcoding classes [code]
transcoding_process_executor.h [code]
unixutil.h [code] [code]
update_manager.h [code]
upnp.h [code] [code]
upnp_cds.h [code]Definition of the ContentDirectoryService class [code] [code] [code]
upnp_cm.h [code]Definition of the ConnectionManagerService class [code] [code]
upnp_md5.h [code] [code]
upnp_mrreg.h [code]Definition of the ConnectionManagerService class [code] [code]
upnp_timeout.h [code]
upnp_uuid.h [code] [code]
upnp_xml.h [code]Provides various XML related functions, basically a toolkit
upnpapi.h [code]
upnpclosesocket.h [code]
upnpdebug.h [code]
upnptools.h [code]
uri.h [code] [code]
url.h [code]Definition of the URLL class [code]
url_request_handler.h [code]Definition of the URLRequestHandler class
urlconfig.h [code]
util.h [code]
utilall.h [code]
uuid.h [code]
uuid_types.h [code]
uuidP.h [code] [code] [code]
web_callbacks.h [code] [code]
web_request_handler.h [code]Definition of the WebRequestHandler class [code] [code]Implementation of the WeboramaContentHandler class
weborama_content_handler.h [code]Definitions of the WeboramaContentHandler class [code]
weborama_service.h [code]Definition of the WeboramaService class
webserver.h [code] [code]
xml_text.h [code] [code]
xml_to_json.h [code] [code]
xpath.h [code] [code]Implementation of the YouTubeContentHandler class
youtube_content_handler.h [code]Definitions of the YouTubeContentHandler class [code]
youtube_service.h [code]Definition of the YouTubeService class [code]Definitions of the Transcoding classes
youtube_video_url.h [code]Definition of the YouTubeVideoURL class
zmm.h [code]
zmmf.h [code]

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