LinkedList.h File Reference

#include "FreeList.h"

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Data Structures

struct  LISTNODE


#define EOUTOFMEM   (-7 & 1<<29)
#define FREELISTSIZE   100
#define LIST_SUCCESS   1
#define LIST_FAIL   0


typedef void(* free_function )(void *arg)
typedef int(* cmp_routine )(void *itemA, void *itemB)
typedef struct LISTNODE ListNode
typedef struct LINKEDLIST LinkedList


int ListInit (LinkedList *list, cmp_routine cmp_func, free_function free_func)
ListNodeListAddHead (LinkedList *list, void *item)
ListNodeListAddTail (LinkedList *list, void *item)
ListNodeListAddAfter (LinkedList *list, void *item, ListNode *bnode)
ListNodeListAddBefore (LinkedList *list, void *item, ListNode *anode)
void * ListDelNode (LinkedList *list, ListNode *dnode, int freeItem)
int ListDestroy (LinkedList *list, int freeItem)
ListNodeListHead (LinkedList *list)
ListNodeListTail (LinkedList *list)
ListNodeListNext (LinkedList *list, ListNode *node)
ListNodeListPrev (LinkedList *list, ListNode *node)
ListNodeListFind (LinkedList *list, ListNode *start, void *item)
int ListSize (LinkedList *list)

Define Documentation

#define EOUTOFMEM   (-7 & 1<<29)

Definition at line 41 of file LinkedList.h.

#define FREELISTSIZE   100

Definition at line 43 of file LinkedList.h.

#define LIST_FAIL   0

Definition at line 45 of file LinkedList.h.

#define LIST_SUCCESS   1

Definition at line 44 of file LinkedList.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* cmp_routine)(void *itemA, void *itemB)

Definition at line 62 of file LinkedList.h.

typedef void(* free_function)(void *arg)

Definition at line 53 of file LinkedList.h.

typedef struct LINKEDLIST LinkedList
typedef struct LISTNODE ListNode

Function Documentation

ListNode* ListAddAfter ( LinkedList list,
void *  item,
ListNode bnode 
ListNode* ListAddBefore ( LinkedList list,
void *  item,
ListNode anode 
ListNode* ListAddHead ( LinkedList list,
void *  item 
ListNode* ListAddTail ( LinkedList list,
void *  item 
void* ListDelNode ( LinkedList list,
ListNode dnode,
int  freeItem 
int ListDestroy ( LinkedList list,
int  freeItem 
ListNode* ListFind ( LinkedList list,
ListNode start,
void *  item 
ListNode* ListHead ( LinkedList list  ) 
int ListInit ( LinkedList list,
cmp_routine  cmp_func,
free_function  free_func 
ListNode* ListNext ( LinkedList list,
ListNode node 
ListNode* ListPrev ( LinkedList list,
ListNode node 
int ListSize ( LinkedList list  ) 
ListNode* ListTail ( LinkedList list  ) 

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